Blase Inzina

The Boss

  • LSU
  • 2008 Bar Exam Passer

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional baseball player…not an attorney.

But like many other teenage boys, I had to face reality and choose a career that would pay the bills, and playing baseball was not going to do that.

I settled on law school because it seemed like a reasonable way to make a living. I knew I wanted to be successful and not compromise my beliefs in doing so.

After graduating from law school at LSU, I began my career defending a local insurance company in car accident cases. I quickly learned the strategies and techniques that insurance companies use to devalue cases in order to protect their bottom line. And really, you can’t blame them. Don’t we all want to keep as much of our money as we can?

I also learned that there are people and attorneys out there who take advantage of car accidents in order to get money that they may not actually deserve. This causes insurance companies to be even more aggressive in defending themselves in these cases.

In 2008, on a whim and seeking adventure, my wife and I moved to Arizona, which required me to take another Bar Exam. While there, I began working for a prominent insurance defense firm specializing in catastrophic trucking accidents.

From that experience, I learned how truck accidents differ from car accidents and require unique lawyer experience. Unfortunately, many lawyers do not have this experience, which can be detrimental to their client’s case.

In 2011, my wife and I returned to Louisiana to be close to family and friends as we embarked on our next big adventure – starting and growing a family of our own.

I then began working for Lewis Brisbois, a national insurance defense firm that included more than 900 lawyers. In 2016, Lewis Brisbois was ranked #15 out the top 400 largest law firms in the United States. At Lewis Brisbois, I continued defending national insurance companies and businesses in both car and truck accident cases, deepening my knowledge of the trade.

In 2014, I set off on yet another adventure by starting my own law firm. My goal was and still is to show my kids that working hard, being a good person, and doing the right thing can lead to success.​

Since shifting my practice to primarily personal injury work, I have found greater satisfaction in helping victims recover from emotionally, physically, and financially damaging accidents rather than defending insurance companies. I use the valuable strategies and techniques I learned early in my career to help my clients get what they need and truly deserve in order to get their lives back on track.

And that’s just during the day. Outside of work, and sometimes while at work, I fight a different set of villains, usually in the form of cartoon characters or little brothers who break their sister’s art projects.


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